Friday, February 2, 2007

Recovering Lost Data

So you accidentally put something in the Recycle bin, and clicked on empty recycle bin, and even confirmed it! Or maybe someone else (like a child) without complete knowledge ended up deleting your important data. No problem, recycle bin recovery isn't all that hard! First, check and confirm that the data really is gone. If it's still in the recycle bin, just right click on the file/folder, and use the 'Restore' option to bring it back. However, if it really is gone for good (or so it seems), you can still perform a recycle bin recovery to get back what you lost.

When you delete a file on your computer, it isn't really deleted, it is just removed from your view to give you the illusion that the data is deleted. In reality, the data is marked by the computer as something that can be overwritten. The next time something is added to the computer, such as another document, the previous data is overwritten. The data is overwritten in the reverse order, as in, the last file to be deleted is overwritten first. This means that if you just deleted the file that you're trying to get your hands on, you should make sure that nothing is added to the hard disk, and get a good data recovery software.

When using the recycle bin recovery software, you will want to make sure of a couple of things. First, make sure that you install and use the program from either a different hard-disk, a floppy drive, a USB drive, or something similar. If you ignore doing this, you might end up with lost data, because you overwrote it with the data recovery program! Secondly, make sure that you use a different computer to surf the internet to find solutions. Because using the same computer, with the same hard-disk, can result in the data that you're trying to recover being overwritten with the internet cache, cookies, and other information. More or less, avoid any further use of that hard-drive.

In case that you really have lost the date, and the recycle bin recovery software doesn't seem to work, you will have to enlist the list of a data recovery company. This is an expensive proposition, so make sure that the data you're trying to recover is actually worth it. You could end up spending hundreds, and possibly thousands on a data recovery company. Also keep in mind, that wasting so much money with a data recovery company is not advisable for a simple case of recycle bin recovery. If the hard-disk is damaged, and more loss is suspected, then it is best to skip the software and just go with the data recovery company.

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